20 Best Gift Ideas for Archers: What we wish you’d buy us

Archery is about passion, obsession, and unshakeable love for the bow and arrow. And so you may want to include a surprise last-minute holiday gift for your archery-crazy best friend, sibling, or family member. I know shopping for gifts for a bow and arrow enthusiast can be tricky so I have gathered a couple of brilliant gift ideas for archers. … Read More

How To Wax a Bow String: Perfect Maintenance

Bows, like every other equipment, have an unspoken rule: look after me, and I will pay you back. In other words, you can’t realistically expect your bow to sustain a top-notch function and results if you ignore its maintenance. And among the most crucial bow caring practices is waxing your bow string. Not a single bow is exempt from this- … Read More

How To Practice Archery At Home (Your backyard archery range)

shooting arrows using a tree in the backyard as a target

There are many reasons why you may want to practice archery at home.. Maybe you have a hectic schedule and can’t afford wasting time to travel to the range. Or perhaps you can’t get enough of the sport out there and want to continue working on your form when back home. There are even days you can’t go out due … Read More

How To Get Into Archery (and don’t suck at it)

a beginner archer trying to figure out how to shoot correctly

Today I want to inspire you by showing you how to get into archery easily and without necessarily breaking the bank. I will also be explaining how to get better with time and possibly reach competition levels. Plus the dos and don’ts of archery. Sounds good? Ok, then let’s get right into the thick of things. What is archery? Well, … Read More

Buying Your First Bow: How To Choose a Bow

a beginner archer holding his first bow

Choosing your first bow and beginner sets can be a daunting task especially if you’re just starting. You not only need to figure out the best type of bow for your preferred shooting but also understand the involved numbers like the draw length. You also have to decide on arrows and other accessories. In short, there’s a lot you need … Read More

Longbow Vs Recurve Bow: Which Should You Buy?

Both longbows and recurves belong to traditional archery and are both more challenging and more fun (arguably) than compound bows to hunt with. But the question of which between a longbow and recurve bow is better for hunting won’t go away. For those planning to buy a hunting bow, this yields even more confusion. And so I decided to chip in with … Read More

How To Shoot a Recurve Bow: Everything You Need

a professional archer shooting with perfect form

If you want to relieve the thrill of traditional archery, try to shoot without sights. Admittedly, it’s not as easy but hey, you can do this. And I will be showing you a super easy way of shooting a recurve bow instinctively. So, this is for you if you have been wondering how to aim a recurve bow without sights. … Read More

How To Tune a Recurve Bow For Perfect Shots

two archers hitting perfect shots with perfectly tuned bows

I will be showing you how to tune a recurve bow like a champ in this article. But for the benefit of beginners, it’s important that we go to the background a bit. What does tuning a bow mean? Tuning a bow is simply making certain adjustments to your bow to help you shoot precisely. You see, just like any … Read More

How To Choose The Size of a Recurve Bow (Pro Guide)

a rack full of bows from which to choose from

Archery should be a thrill. But you can easily lose out on the fun if you shoot an incorrectly sized bow. Sadly, many novices fail to do their homework when buying their first bow and end up with either oversized / under-sized bows. This article will discuss how to choose the size of a recurve bow. As you will learn, … Read More

Choosing Arrows for Your Recurve Bow (2019)

a target full of different arrow types and sizes

At the Olympics, competing archers use a recurve to try to hit targets 70 meters away.  At stake, an Olympic Gold medal and a chance to enter into the sport’s folklore. And while the athletes have different opinions on how to win, they all agree on one thing: wrong arrows will mess up your shots. Similarly, if you’re to achieve … Read More