Are Compound Bows Hard to Pull Back?

an archer drawing his bow

As you might be aware, compound bows are a popular choice for target practice enthusiasts as well as hunters. And if you interact with them, each compound bow owner has his/her reasons. Some praise their precision. Others wax lyrical about their minimal recoil and vibration (when releasing an arrow). Another group will rave that compound bows are way easier to … Read More

Can a Compound Bow Get Wet?

A compound bow has numerous eye-catching advantages and has, unsurprisingly, been flying off the shelves. But can you use it when raining? Or to ask it in a better way, can a compound bow get wet? Well, the short answer is YES! Compounds can soak but luckily, they are pretty fine even in the rain. The primary reason is that … Read More

Why Are Compound Bows so Expensive?

Compared to recurve and longbows, compound bows are way much expensive…..which begs the question: Why are compound bows so expensive? Well, compound bows are this expensive because of the costs that go into producing the sophisticated technology that yields the mechanical advantage and better shooting efficiency we love them for. That’s the short answer. And now to the longer answer…. … Read More

What are Compound Bows and their Parts Made of?

handle, arrows, rest, limb, and string placed on a table

Like many of his fellow bowhunters , Holless Wilbur Allen was getting increasingly frustrated by his slow-shooting bow. And so one bright evening in 1966, a determined Allen sat contemplating how he would get his pulley bow to shoot arrows faster. By bedtime, Allen had managed to create a primary bow design of what became the very first compound bow on … Read More

Should I Get a Crossbow or Compound Bow?

crossbow and compound bow

Successful hunting and target shooting take some serious planning, skill, woodsmanship, and your weapon. Speaking of the latter, you might have heard many arguments and counter- arguments about how a crossbow or compound bar is the real deal. And sometimes you are left wondering: should I Get a Crossbow or Compound Bow? Well, we will match up the two in … Read More

How Often Should I Restring My Compound Bow?

How often you should restring your compound bow depends on factors such as how frequently you shoot, how well you maintain and store your compound bow, and your shooting conditions. But on average, most manufacturers recommend that you should restring once every three years max. Having said that, your string can last beyond 3 years if you frequently wax it … Read More