20 Best Gift Ideas for Archers: What we wish you’d buy us

Archery is about passion, obsession, and unshakeable love for the bow and arrow.

And so you may want to include a surprise last-minute holiday gift for your archery-crazy best friend, sibling, or family member.

I know shopping for gifts for a bow and arrow enthusiast can be tricky so I have gathered a couple of brilliant gift ideas for archers.

Take a look and pick your best.

Gift Ideas for Archers: What we wish you’d buy us

1. Targets

We can’t shoot without targets so we are always happy to receive one from you during our D-days.

But be sure to select appropriately..

For example, for your upcoming youngster archer, a youth archery arrow target would be the best fit since he/she shoots a reduced draw weight.

A high-quality bag archery target would, on the other hand, make your bow/arrow shooting partner’s day if he shoots a high-speed compound bow (research his type of bow cleverly).

Furthermore, he would appreciate a 3D surprise target if he is into hunting.

These allow him to simulate numerous real-life shooting situations and show the different vital positions and might help him elevate his quarry hunting skills.

For all targets, check that it allows easy arrow removal, has a longer life, and leads to less fatigue- you don’t him/her to come home weary from his/her outdoor adventures.

Still on fatigue, we love it more if it’s lightweight for easier lugging.

2. Hunting Rangefinders

Bow hunters are always looking for accurate estimates when shooting greater distances and would appreciate a good range finder on his/her birthday.

Overall, there are two types in the market- golf and hunting range finders.

The best bit is that their usage is not limited and so you can use golf rangefinders for hunting and vice versa.

Most hunters, however, prefer laser rangefinders because they’re extremely accurate at calculating distances even from a difficult angle.

Importantly, check that the model you want to gift your buddy is made from durable materials and rainproof so that he/she can practice under any weather conditions.

Also, have in mind that a compact sized range finder easily fits in our pockets and is more convenient to carry.

Lastly, he/she will welcome one with a textured grip since it stays securely in his/her hands.

3. A bow set

What about pleasantly surprising your archery-obsessed colleague with a complete bow set?

Ah, if you ask me, not many gifts ideas for archers beat this- it’s like awarding a loved one wings to fly and shows that you really cherish your relationship.

Now, if you are searching for a fantastic bow set gift for a youngster, concentrate on beginner bow sets- you know, those that are safe to be shot by children.

They often come in different color options so select his favorite color.

There are also great options for compound bows shooters at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels as well as brilliant choices for recurve bow lovers and even traditional bow enthusiasts.

Buying bows can nevertheless be tricky if you don’t know his draw weight, draw length, and other measurements so get ways of finding these out before venturing out for shopping.

4. Bow case

After investing in an expensive new bow, we usually want to give it the best protection possible. This is where a bow case comes in.

The best bow cases have bigger room to hold additional gear, are lockable and airline-approved.

There are even models with wheels making them easier to drag from place to place.

Another unique feature in these types is that they could be top-loading, meaning you take less effort to remove a bow.

The aesthetics vary immensely as well as the pricing but there’s something for every budget.

5. Archery Bow stand/holder

One of the proudest moments in the life of many archers is when you’ve just purchased your first bow.

But many of us forget to purchase a bow stand and expose our bows to damage by placing them on the ground.

Worse still, improper bow handling messes the bows performance over time.

And so a bow stand could prove a masterstroke gift idea for archers.

If you wish to go this way, hunt for a super-sturdy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing bow storage rack..

Take it from me: He/she will never forget your thoughtful gesture.

6. Rage Broadheads case

He might be an archer who loves to shoot broadheads but lacks a means of carrying and protecting his broadheads during hunts and on the flight.

Look for a handy sized one particularly those with a tube to hold the replacement o-rings that these broadheads use plus other little bits and pieces.

I own one that fits perfectly in my backpack and I cannot exchange it for anything else in this world.

7. An Arrow Quiver

An arrow quiver is essential to our hobby since it offers handy storage for the arrows until we need them.

There are countless types of quivers -some sit on our hips while others are positioned around our back.

There are even types you can screw to a bow…

Moving on, some have tubes while some models don’t.

I would rather a type with tubes (regardless of the design) since it helps best protect the arrows –some arrows can be quite expensive anyway!

Don’t forget to pick a youth-sized, lightweight archery arrow quiver if you’re buying for your upcoming shooting star!

8. Archery gloves/finger tab

Whether he is into hunting or target shooting, archery gloves are always a thoughtful gift.

How do we use them?

Well, archery gloves are our protectors and guard the fingers so that they are not hurt by the bowstring when shooting.

The best are designed soft and are customized to allow the bow-hunter to have a nice “feel” of the bowstring.

The gloves’ tips are as well reinforced to improve their longevity.

Check that you get the right sizing and if possible, look for one with an adjustable velcro wrist strap because it offers more flexibility in sizing and fit.

If he doesn’t use gloves, consider surprising him with a finger tab.

These again protect the archers’ fingers against discomforts resulting from continuously holding the bow release due to the extra pressure.

Like with gloves, choosing isn’t rocket science so be open-minded and grab one that ensures optimum comfort and protection.

9. Archery arm guard (bracer)

We can also do with more protection and this time it’s in the form of an arm guard –another typical protective archery equipment.

You wear an arm guard to help ‘brace’ your arm for impact when shooting a bow or for the effects of suffering a string slap.

Arm guards are traditionally made of reinforced cloth, leather, or plastic and are fastened along your bow-holding arm interior.

Those with adjustable buckles/velcro are very popular as you can tweak them to fit even larger and longer forearms awesomely.

10. Practice Arrows

Confidence is key in archery and we get this from daily practice and so a practice arrow set gift is a cool idea.

Now, the best arrows for those of us are looking for the ultimate penetration are made of carbon because this construction delivers incredible force on impact.

Not only that..most carbon arrows recovers quicker than the rest of the designs if twisted by the impact.

The leading types have their shafts spine aligned to help upgrade our accuracy levels so they’re our favorites.

Something else: arrows with precision sorted straightness offer repeated maximum consistency and give the best results so you may want to confirm this with the vendor.

Youths are better off with the often cheapest fiberglass hunting/target practice arrows and you have plenty of models to choose from. 

11. Arrow rest as an archery gift

Perhaps an arrow rest can complete the equation (an arrow rest serves as a stable launching platform for arrows and aids the arrow’s flight).

There are dozens of arrow rests out there with the shoot through rests dominating the market- specifically the whisker biscuit styled rests.

12. Camouflage hunting gear clothing

For the archery hunter, you can never go wrong with camouflage hunting gear clothing.

Needless to say, these help us get near creatures by effectively camouflaging our presence and can boost our chances of nailing your quarry.

Personally, I go for those packed as a suit (shirt, pants, and headcover).

Your boyfriend will forever be grateful if it fits well.

13. Compound Bow Release

If he shoots a compound, he can’t resist a nice compound bow release since it guarantees his/her a clean release and potentially, a precise bull’s-eyes shot.

Look for the finest and with most precise length adjustments system – with some, we can adjust the length by over 1-inch.

Archers naturally hate complicated set ups and so you want to search for a simple release as long as it’s comfortable to hold.

A number of them are designed for young hunters who want to hone their compound shooting skills using a real release.

You can, therefore, take advantage and make a big statement during your young champion’s birthday.

14. Bow Sights

If you use guesswork like our forefathers when shooting with modern-day bows,  you’re likely to shoot erratically, repeatedly.

But when you lock in pins at varying ranges, you minimize the human error and maximize your probability of zeroing in on your elusive trophy buck.

This makes sights an ever-present in any discussion about gift Ideas for archers…

Your dear one will especially like an adjustable sight since he can make all the adjustments he needs to achieve precise aim.

A significant variety of bow sights use a reticle that you can quickly adjust for range so you should certainly get a good fit.

15. Replacement Bow String

If you haven’t found a suitable prize from the above gift ideas for archers, go for a bowstring.

You see, most archers will regularly replace the string every 1-2 years so he will definitely be requiring it at some point.

Again be cautious and especially check that it will give the archer the required amount of power and stretch as their current string.

You must also confirm the length of his/her bow to help you get the right length size.

Additionally, you have the luxury of picking a custom color according to his/her taste.

Strings come at an affordable price so it’s a smart option when you don’t have a huge budget.

Other Gift Ideas for Archers: What we wish you’d buy us      

Away from the normal, you could get creative and opt for the not-so-obvious gifts.

I will share some ideas with you:

1. Decorative archery Signs

You can craft a personalized archery themed wall decor to hang in the living room and/or bedrooms.

Simply look for an inspirational archery quite/phrase then a matching image and you’re done.

2. Archery decorated mugs

If your best friend loves his/her coffee, consider an archery decorated mug.

Most online stores have plenty of creatively designed archery mugs in case you decide that your loved one should feel more glamorous during their early morning coffee time.

3. Arrow Bracelet

Can you construct an arrow-shaped bracelet that’s cute and customizable?

If not, would you mind scouring the internet for a pretty arrow-shaped design? You can also substitute this with a handsome arrow and bow necklace.

We forever cherish these provided they turn out exactly the way we like them.

4. Personalized archery Keychain

A handmade beautifully crafted keychain packaged in a quality gift case could make his day most memorable.

These are usually expertly hand-crafted from the finest materials then finished superbly giving them highly original looks.

They are very much unlike anything you might see elsewhere.

5. Vintage archery trophy

I have this insatiable love for vintage trophies…

They seem to evoke such wonderful memories from deep within me and I can’t get enough of them.

I don’t whether your archer relative is like me but these trophies are such an amazing décor item to own for many archers.

Winding up

Depending on your budget, you can also include archery classes or even a gift card in your gift ideas for archers.

Otherwise, any of the previously explained gift ideas will leave a lasting impression in their lives.

I just wish i could have them all…

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